Five Child-Friendly Podcasts That Adults Love, Too

Posted on August 23, 2019 : Posted in Legacy Academy

Looking for things to enjoy as a family? Finding the right family-centered entertainment can be tough. On the one hand, you need age-appropriate content. On the other hand, you need content that you can enjoy as an adult without needing to leave the room after five minutes. That’s where podcasts come in. Child-friendly podcasts are great for almost any time of day, and you can enjoy them as a family during car rides and similar situations. Need recommendations? In that case, here are six child-friendly podcasts that parents can enjoy, too.

Story Pirates

What’s not to love about Story Pirates? The Story Pirates live on a pirate ship, make friends, and get themselves into humorous situations. More importantly, the Story Pirates perform stories that were written by real children. Children of all ages can submit their stories for the chance to have them performed by the Story Pirates. The Pirates add sound effects and even musical numbers to these stories, bringing them to life. Best yet, it’s a child-friendly podcast with humor that adults can appreciate, too.

Wow in the World

If your child loves science, then you need child-friendly podcasts like Wow in the World. Like Story Pirates, Wow in the World features an upbeat cast of people who appeal to children without ever talking down to them. They talk about neat science facts with spirit and humor. Children can learn all about space, dinosaurs, and all kinds of other fun things. Of course, adults can learn a few new things, too.

Peace Out

Struggling with the bedtime routine? Maybe some child-friendly podcasts can help. The Peace Out podcast is here to help your child wind down before bed. It blends relaxing bedtime stories and simple meditation techniques to help your child drift off. While it’s a fairly short podcast, a lot of children fall asleep before the story ends.

Sesame Street

Did you know that Sesame Street has a podcast? It’s true, and this podcast features all of your child’s favorite characters. Classic favorites like Elmo and new friends like Julia all have fun together on the podcast. Of course, since this is Sesame Street, your child can learn all about colors, numbers, making friends, and similar topics. If your child loves the Sesame Street TV show, then the podcast can bring it to life in a new way.

But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids

If you have a small child, you’ve heard the phrase “But why?” Children want an answer for everything, from “Why is the sky blue?” to “Why do trains run on tracks?” If your child asks “why?” over and over again, then this podcast can satisfy their curiosity on the way to school. For that matter, you can learn a few new things, too. Have you ever wondered why trains run on tracks? Then check out the June 21st episode.

Short and Curly

We’ve covered science and stories. Now let’s talk about ethics. Short and Curlyexplores ethics in a child-friendly way. This podcast is fun, silly, and encourages children to use their thinking skills. With questions like “Is it okay for grown-ups to lie?” or “When should you stop being friends with somebody?”, this podcast is great for families to listen to together. That said, this one is probably best for your big kids.

Child-Friendly Podcasts and Other Parenting Topics

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