Bringing Preschool Home: How to Reinforce Your Child’s Learning

Posted on July 30, 2019 : Posted in Legacy Academy

When you put your child in the best preschool environment, you jumpstart their learning and help them build their social skills. Young children’s minds grow rapidly, absorbing and categorizing information. Preschool helps these young minds reach their fullest potential. You can help your child by following up on what they learn and reinforcing their skills. It may sound intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. There’s no need for drilling and flashcards. A few simple and fun activities will do the trick. Here are a few ways that you can get started.


Let’s start with the simplest one: just ask! As soon as you see your child after preschool, ask them about their day. First of all, this is a great way to bond with your child. Whether or not your child tells you every detail, the fact that you asked will be important to them. It helps them realize that they matter to you and that what they have to say is important. Your conversations will also give you insight into what your child is learning, so you’ll have a great place to start when it’s time to follow up. By the way, when you ask your child what they learned in preschool, they’ll probably tell you more about what they played on the playground than about what they learned in math. That’s absolutely fine. Playing is an important part of learning, so listen away.

Follow the Newsletter

The best preschool environments often have newsletters. They may be available online, or you might receive a hard copy every so often. Take some time to read over the newsletters when they’re available to you. They’ll tell you all about what your child is learning in preschool. They may also mention short-term and long-term goals for children at your child’s age, so you can work on those goals with your child.

Point Out Similarities

Once you’ve got a good idea of what your child is learning, you can point out similarities in your child’s day-to-day life. For example, let’s say that your child is learning about the days of the week. If you and your child overhear somebody mention “Thursday,” you might say, “Hey, that’s just like what you’re learning in school! Do you remember what comes after Thursday?” Children will often notice these things themselves, too.

Pretend Preschool

The best preschool experiences include games. Many children love to imitate daily situations when they play pretend, so why not play preschool with your child? Let your child be the teacher, and you can pretend to be one of the students. This game gives your child a fun way to reinforce their learning through play. After all, one of the best ways to reinforce your own knowledge is to teach it to others.

Read Books

Here’s an easy and free way to reinforce your child’s preschool learning: take them to the library. To give your child the best preschool experience, you can never go wrong with reading books. When you go to the library, look for books with themes that match your child’s preschool experience. When they learn about shapes, look for books about shapes. When they learn about holidays, look for books about holidays. Not only will you reinforce their learning, but you’ll also get a great way to bond with your child.

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