How to Limit Screen Time When It’s Hot Outside

Posted on June 28, 2019 : Posted in Legacy Academy

Like many parents, you want to limit screen time. That’s an easy enough task during the fall and spring, when the weather is cool enough for the kids to play outside. Summer is a different story, though. Here in Roswell, summers get hot. While you’re escaping the heat by staying indoors, it gets way too easy for the kids to reach for the tablet or the remote control. The good news is that you can get through the summer without overdoing the screen time. Here are a few techniques to limit screen time, starting with finding the right child care in Roswell.

Child Care in Roswell

Child care isn’t just a way to keep your kids safe while you work. The right child care environment should also provide education, nurturing, and friendships. Incidentally, all of these things will keep your child away from those screens. Child care in Roswell will provide just enough time outdoors. It will also provide indoor games and educational activities. In the right child care environment, your child will stay cool all summer long.

Strategize that Screen Time

If you allow some screen time, you can use it strategically. During the summer, your kids can play outdoors in the mornings and early evenings. During these times, the weather stays relatively cool, but your children still get plenty of sunshine. When you get out the tablet, do it at the hotter and more dangerous parts of the day. Around noon, for example, the sun reaches its highest point and brings the biggest risk of sunburn. 4 pm is generally the hottest part of the day.

Cool Down the Outdoor Activities

When you take the kids outside and away from the screens, you can keep them cool and comfortable. First of all, make sure that your kids have sun protection. Sunscreen, hats, and other protective measures will keep your kids safe.

Second, take your kids to shady parks, pools, and other cooler outdoor spaces. You can even have water play in your own backyard. While your kids play outside, pay attention to their body language, and make sure that they drink lots of water. Kids’ bodies react to extreme heat faster than adult bodies do, so even when you feel fine, your kids may get overheated. That’s why child care in Roswell often comes with limited outdoor time in the middle of summer.

Indoor Outings

Sometimes, the best way to avoid screen time is to get out of the house, but you don’t have to spend all of that time outside. You have lots of indoor options over the summer. Look for kid-friendly activities that you and the little ones can do together. For example, the Roswell Library has preschool-friendly activities. These include music, movement, and early literacy programs.

Mess-Free Crafts

Arts and crafts give you some great indoor activity options. These crafts don’t have to be messy or elaborate, either. Even something as simple as paper and some crayons will keep preschoolers engaged. You can also let the kids “finger paint” by putting paints into plastic sandwich bags and sealing the tops with duct tape. The kids can move the paint around through the bags. They get all of the sensory play that comes with painting, and you don’t have to deal with any of the mess.

Legacy Academy

If you want to start with child care in Roswell, then start with Legacy Academy. At Legacy, your child will get the perfect summer balance of indoor and outdoor activities. All the while, they’ll get lots of educational experiences while having plenty of fun. Start by contacting Legacy Academy now. Let’s schedule your tour so that you can see the fun for yourself.