Get your kids to play outside

Six Ways to Play Outside Without a Big Yard

Posted on September 27, 2018 : Posted in Legacy Academy, Parenting Tips

Get your kids to play outside

Everyone agrees that playing outside is essential for your health. At the same time, sometimes it is much easier to say than do. If you have small children and minimal yard space, it can feel impossible to enjoy outside together without the hassle of a drive. Here are six ways to play outside with your children without a big yard.

Chalk Games

If you have access to a large paved area or long sidewalk, sidewalk chalk offers endless opportunities for fun. When your budding artist tires of drawing, encourage him to play hopscotch or tic tac toe. Draw an obstacle course with places to run, hop, skip, and dance. For older children, play a game of marbles or hangman. Practice math, spelling, or color and shape identification. You’ll find that sidewalk chalk helps you play outside differently every day!


While pushing a stroller or holding hands walking down the sidewalk may not seem like play to you, every chance your child gets to experience the world is fun. You can spend unstructured time just observing the world around you, or be more organized by playing games of I Spy or the Alphabet Game, finding letters everywhere. You’ll be amazed at how much a simple walk lifts everyone’s spirits and helps you feel more connected.

Eat Outside

While eating may not be playing per se, the change of scenery is good for everyone. Take your lunch or dinner outside and enjoy the sounds and sights of your neighborhood as you eat. Ask your children what they see. By moving locations, you learn more about their view of the world.

Invest in Small Outdoor Toys

While you won’t be purchasing a trampoline or swing set any time soon, you’ll be surprised how many options you can find that work in less space. Depending on the age of your children, jump ropes, ring toss, bean bags, hula hoops, spray bottles, shovels and buckets, and even sponges make exciting, fun, and portable options. As your children grow, squirt guns and water balloons are a must for warmer months. And all of these can be neatly packed away in a small space until you are ready to play outside again.

Take Advantage of Local Parks

You won’t always want to put everyone in the car to go play, but there are many excellent options in our area when you do. Old Mill Park and Victory Creek both offer a variety of walking and hiking trails easy enough for children. The Chattahoochee Riverside Park has a water park and walking trails, as well as seasonal outdoor events. There are many other parks, playgrounds, greenways, and walking trails in the area. Thankfully we have no shortage of outdoor fun!

Take Inside Outside

While it may feel unconventional, there’s nothing wrong with taking some toys you play with inside to whatever outdoor space you have. Read library books on your front step. Drive toy cars down the sidewalk. Use your play kitchen pots and pans to make leaf soup or pine needle souffle. Any outdoor space can be transformed into a place space with the right mentality. In fact, when you give your child the tools, you may be surprised by how creative they can be.

Raising children without a yard is a challenge, but there are plenty of ways to play outside regardless. By playing at parks, on sidewalks, and even right on your front step, your children reap the benefits of time outside. If you are looking for childcare that values time outside and learning through play, visit Legacy Academy Roswell. Our students receive quality instruction and lots of opportunities for play.